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    Chapter Fluff - Rosen Knights 6th fleet

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    Chapter Fluff - Rosen Knights 6th fleet Empty Chapter Fluff - Rosen Knights 6th fleet

    Post  Chris on Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:55 pm

    This is my part of the fluff for the forum 'Second Sphere' own chapter. I will post this, then go trawling for the main plot for the chapter.

    6th fleet Rosen Knights

    The 6th fleet are a fleet originally descended from the Imperial Fists chapter. When the Rosen crown was stolen, Master Viktor Krull led a total of 200 marines pulled from a variety of other chapters in pursuit of the thieves. Up to 80 of the original 200 were drawn from the Crimson fists, the rest being taken from upwards of 5 chapters. Krull led the marines to Koranos after 100 years in the warp. The battle of Koranos took its toll of Krull, eventually he was reduced to only twenty men, due to his chapters instinctual traits, he continued to press his assault. Seeing an advantage in his small amount of numbers, Krull was able to infiltrate the enemy’s strong hold and tare the throat of the beast out from the inside and silencing the massive guns that had kept the loyal marines at bay for so long.

    Following the attacks led by Krull, enemy patrols were stepped up, it here that the forces of Chaos were first found to be related to the disappearance of the Rosen crown. After 4 months, Krull was able to escape with only 2 men left alive. The reinforcements received from the Black Templars were greatly received. With brothers from the gene seed of Rogal Dorn filling their ranks, Krull set out to destroy all forces enemy to the Imperium. It was during the first combat of this crusade that Krull was killed in action. Falling at the hands of a Traitor marine, It was following this battle that Master Jammon Lewen was elected into command. He was one of the two space marines that had escaped with Krull, under his leadership and up to the current day, Lewen crusades with a new mission, seeking out the forces of the ruinous powers that slew Krull.

    The Liberation of Onyx
    It was under Master Lewen that the Rosen Knights happened upon the planet of Onyx. Requests for aid had been sent to the Rosen Knights before, but until then there had been no reason for the 6th Fleet to respond. However, chasing an enemy fleet into the Sicarus sector, the Lewen found a number of minor relics in the hands of the enemy. Falling upon the planet with reinforcements by the then Loyal ‘Sons of Olympus’ chapter, 6th Fleet obliterated much to the heath land to the north of the capital. Forming a perimeter around the capital, the Rosen Knights began a siege that waged for five months. On the final day of the fifth month, the main gates fell and the Rosen Knights flooded the city. One perculiar moment of this battle was witnessed on the main boulevard. Master Lewen was found on his knees with a blade at his throat, it is believed that in an attempt to assassinate the leader of the enemy, he was assaulted by a powerful Psyker. However, at this point two large local dogs seemingly unaffected by the psychic war fell upon the enemy and ripped its throat out. Following this encounter, the two dogs named ‘Thorn’ and ‘Butch’ followed Lewen wherever he went. They have been adopted by 6th fleet as mascots, and under the constant strain and lifestyle of an Astartes life, they have grown to massive proportions, and continue to fight at Lewens side even to this day.

    Found it.


    The Rosen Crown:
    In the closing years of .M36, a great crusade was undertaken by the Imperium of man. Almost two thousand Space Marines from hundreds of Chapters participated in the epic campaign that waged for over a century, cumulating in the Liberation of Retharim.

    Within the towering walls of the city, an artefact of great power was discovered; the Rosen Crown. As the priests of the Ecclessiarchy escorted this relic back to the landing fields, dark warriors emerged from the shadows. They killed the relic-bearer and his retinue, stole the Rosen Crown, and fled into the darkness. Enraged, the Space Marines gave chase, but the attackers broke through the Imperial blockade and fled the system. Reeling from this insult to their honour, and the blow to their pride, many Space Marines swore an oath to the Emperor; they would not rest, nor return to their Chapter, until the Rosen Crown was found.

    For centuries, these warriors hunted for their quarry. However, time took its toll, and their numbers dwindled. Though other Space Marines pledged themselves to this communal Crusade, many feared it would only end in failure. The Astartes had few supplies remaining, their vehicles were becoming difficult to maintain, and their fleet was in tatters. It seemed their honour would go unavenged.

    It was then the Emperor gave them a sign. Upon the world of Koranos, the Astartes discovered the Rosen Crown once more, and made ready to end their long campaign. Without warning, the heavens broke open, discharging a time-scarred vessel of the Black Templars. Thought lost to the Warp, the Templars joined the Crusading Marines, and together they stormed the planet. In a bloody battle that lasted for two weeks, the Rosen Crown was at last reclaimed.

    It was then that discussions began as to how the Astartes should proceed. All of the Marines were lost, separated from their parent Chapter. When the Templars learned of the long struggle to recover the Crown, they vowed this ancient relic would never again fall into enemy hands. They pledged the oaths their fellow Astartes once had, and became the Rosen Knights.

    The Rosen Knights are not alone in their great crusade; many Chapters offer warriors to the cause of recovering the lost artefacts of the Imperium. Warriors from other Chapters who serve the Rosen Knights are known as Proselytes, to distinguish them from their Initiate brethren.

    The number of Proselytes within the Rosen Knights at any one time can vary greatly, but there are always significant numbers of them. Indeed, it is not unheard of for entire companies to be made up entirely of Proselyte warriors!

    Typically, a Proselyte will serve the Rosen Knights in order to achieve a specific undertaking or quest, such as the slaying of a mighty adversary or the rediscovery of a holy relic. Once their quest is complete, the Proselyte will return to their home Chapter. There are rare instances, however, where a Proselyte will not leave the Rosen Knights. One such example is Brother Azekal of the Grey Ravens, whose Chapter embarked on a Penitent Crusade in his absence. In such a situation, the Proselyte will be ritually inducted into the Chapter proper, and is considered an Initiate from that day onward.

    The Rosen Companies:
    Due to their unorthadox founding and self-devised battle doctrine, the Rosen Knights deviate from the Codex Astartes in many significant ways. One of the most notable is their Company structure.

    The number of Companies within the Rosen Knights is not fixed, waxing as new recruits and Proselytes enter the Chapter, then waning as casualties mount and questing outsiders return to their home Chapters. However, it is estimates there are an average of fifteen Companies in existance at any one time, each containing up to a hundred and twenty Space Marines.

    Unlike other Chapters, the Rosen Knights do not have a fixed Company structure. Whilst the First Company is always present, forming a veteran cadre as in a Codex Chapter, the other Companies are disbanded and reformed as needed. A Company is founded whenever a Crusade worthy of the Rosen Knights is discovered, and a Marshal is appointed to lead the Company to war. Once their mission is complete, the Marshal can choose to disband the Company, or redirect them onto a new Quest.

    Because of this system of constant reform, the Companies of the Rosen Knights often display marked differences in tactics and doctrine to one another; a Company made up mostly of Proselytes, for example, might adhere to the Codex Astartes very strictly. By contrast, a Company made solely of Rosen Knights will eschew the Codex Astartes and fight by their own doctrine.

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