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    who wants a fantasy campaign between us ?

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    Post  Kai on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:45 am

    i was thinking of doing a good vs evil campaign ..... so its basicly me ( maybe will and tom ) vs the rest of you

    You start with a character of hero status and he can be up to 200pts
    And 1-5 core choices that must add up to 500pts ( all the core adds up to 500 or less )

    And then you points when you play games E.G
    1 point for playing
    2 point for winning
    1 point for fully painted
    1 point for fully based
    1 point for killing the general
    1 point for killing the army battle standard bearer if they have one

    And if you get 4 points you can get a core option below 300
    If you get 6 points you can get a special below 250
    If you get 8 points you can get a rare below 250
    If you get 10 points you may get another hero status character or upgrade your current character to lord status
    Or for 5 points you may bump up the units points cost by 100

    Say if you like or dislike

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